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As We Exist Project

"As We Exist is a journey—a labor of excitement, recorded from September 2022 to May 2023. This multimedia project is a curious exploration of the essence of human existence and the reasons we search for purpose and meaning in our lives. I want to invite you into a world where a man and a wolf stand on the edge of a vast wilderness, gazing into the unknown.

This age-old question of our existence has tormented philosophers for centuries and continues to intrigue us today.

This project doesn't pretend to have all the answers. Instead, it's an exploration of the different stages and experiences of life from my point of view. I've tried to develop a nine-song album that attempts to interpret life's journey from birth to death as a recollection of emotions and events.

I won't lie; this project was difficult. As a pre-med honors student, my plate was already full, but this project was a calling I couldn't ignore.

It was never a burden but a fascinating journey. Countless nights stretched past midnight, yet they were not hours of work; they were hours of uninhibited creativity and exploration.

There were no walls, no judgments—just me and my artistic tools.

The image of a man and a wolf gazing out at the world—with life's complexity and the unknown that lies ahead.

I hope this project resonates with you as much as it does with me. It is a narrative—a story that I hope you'll unravel and immerse yourself in. I don't want to ruin the experience, so I'll let you dive in and explore." 

Athul Vikas

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all those who contributed to the realization of this project. From the individuals who offered their riffs and musical contributions—even from the musical giants and bands—that have inspired this album, all while continuously developing me as an artist.


Thank you for your artistic ideas and elements; every contribution helped shape the final product.

This is only the beginning—there is always more to come.

Athul Vikas

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