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"I am an aspiring artist who wants to share meaningful memories with the world"- Athul Vikas.


Athul is a Pre-Med Honors Student at the University of South Carolina with a passion for art that he's nurtured since the age of eight. Over the years, he's honed his skills in various techniques and approaches and is fascinated by how art can capture a moment and tell a story. Although he's mostly self-taught, he's also had the benefit of being mentored by Girish Nair Paintings for the past few years.

AthulsArtStudio is the result of years of development and fine-tuning. As an artist, Athul appreciates the impact that art can have on individuals, both for its aesthetic qualities and the message it carries. His goal is to offer high-quality artwork and photography that resonates with both sides of the aisle while also being warm and welcoming.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Athul is also interested in photography. He enjoys capturing moments in time and freezing them for eternity. His work has been recognized, and he was awarded a Silver Key for Photography at the Scholastic Regional Writing and Art Competition in 2019.

As the founder of AthulsArtStudio, Athul has a clear vision for his business: to offer high-quality artwork, music, and photography that speaks to people on a personal level. He believes that art has the power to transform people's lives, and he is committed to providing his clients and audience with artistic pieces and projects that are both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

Currently, Athul is working on integrating musical production as well as film production into the studio. He believes that music and film can add a new dimension to his art, using different senses to touch the soul, making it even more immersive and impactful; he can't wait to see the creative possibilities that arise as a result.


At AthulsArtStudio, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional art, music, and photography that captures their unique stories and emotions. Whether you are looking for a beautiful piece of artwork to hang on your wall, a captivating photograph or film that tells a story, or a musical recording that resonates with you, AthulsArtStudio has something for everyone. We can't wait to share our passion with you.

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