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Our Curriculum


Art and Oil Painting Services


  • Basic Foundation—

    • Lines, Shapes, Values, and Textures; The difference between Positive & Negative spacing, highlights, and shadows.

    • [Practice through Abstract and shapes]

  • Lighting, Shadow, and 3-D.

    • The difference between highlights and shadows, blending techniques.​

    • What makes things three Dimensional?

    • [Practice through Forms and 3-D forms  shapes]

[Abstract and compilation of all concepts related to sketching]

  • Landscape sketching Introduction.

    • What is a horizon? The separation between the Background and Foreground.

    • How to draw trees, mountains, water currents, and many more landscape structures. 

    • Simple Landscape Practice No. 1

    • Simple Landscape Practice No. 2

    • Intermediate Landscape Practice No. 1

    • Intermediate Landscape Practice No. 2 

  • Still Life sketching Introduction.

    • Favorite Fruit drawing practice. 

    • Apply concepts from Landscape drawings to objects.

    • Simple Still Life Practice No. 1

    • Simple Still Life Practice No. 2

    • Intermediate Still Life Practice No. 1

    • Intermediate Still Life Practice No. 2 

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