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Want to become a Avid Art member?

Art thought through the Eyes of an Avid Art Student


Athul's Teaching Background

Athul Vikas is a Freshmen studying at The University of South Carolina pursuing the Pre-Med route along with a minor in business. 

Education has always been a pet peeve for Athul Vikas; as a result, he is a private tutor who offers an online education center built on the idea of providing academic assistance for varying subjects for elementary, middle, and high schoolers. As we interact with students, we wish to mentor while making them independently understand the concepts at a deeper, semantic level. ​

He hopes to apply the same strategies to learning Artwork. He believes that Art is like any other skill: A true interest combined with consistency is the main component necessary for improvement.  

One of the benefits of the Art classes is that Athul is a developing artist and a student.  As an avid art student, he knows the common questions and challenges that artists face as a beginner or an intermediate in all sorts of mediums-- Graphite, Pastels, color pencil, and painting. With the experience he has accumulated through teaching several students, he wishes to teach art through the lens of an Art student. 

Why should I learn art?

Art is a universal language for expression, emotions, technicality, satisfaction, and many other factors. Even if you are just drawing for leisure, there is a reason for doing so: It is satisfying. Seeing a plain piece of paper transform into a beautiful piece of artwork is one of the best feelings as an artist. 

If you are stressed with the day-to-day activities and work-life balance, Art is a great catalyst to decreasing stress levels and improving overall happiness. 

Should I join as a complete beginner? 

Absolutely, you can be a complete beginner; In fact, our curriculum starts with the most basic concepts if necessary.  Even if you are of older age and would like to learn art remotely, these sessions will ultimately be of positive impact. 

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