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Product Details
Material: This painting is made on high-quality cotton canvas, wrapped around sturdy wooden stretcher bars. We have utmost confidence in the quality and durability of the canvas, ensuring it will last for years to come.

Finish: The glazed finish is achieved using linseed oil and mediums, giving the painting an impressive sheen.

Care Instructions: The painting can be cleaned gently with a clean cloth.

The vibrant colors of this painting bring Lord Shiva's iconic image to life on this high-quality canvas. The painting pops off the wall, and with its wide array of colors, it's a perfect way to express your style and mood in any room.

Why you will love this: The portrait of Lord Shiva is both powerful and serene, offering a unique message to the viewer. This painting creates a warm and welcoming environment and is perfect for your meditation space, living room, office, or any space that you wish to feel relaxed and inspired.

This stunning and original Pseudo-realistic portrait painting exudes tranquility, providing a refreshing and calming effect on any room. With its unique contrast and combination of colors, it's an ideal addition to your decor and a perfect gift for any art lover.

Unique Features: This oil painting features an exceptional blend of colors that catches the eye and encourages the viewer to create a personal narrative about the painting. • The canvas wall art is a stunning graphic piece that's sure to bring joy every day.

The originalistic style of the painting fits any home decor.

The Adiyogi oil painting is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to any room in your home. This painting brings a sense of calm and joy to your living space while providing new conversations and thoughts to anyone who sees it.

Our customer service team is dedicated to providing the best support, and we ensure safe packaging for delivery to prevent any damage during shipping. Giving a unique piece of artwork has never been easier and more meaningful.

Shiva Painting

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